Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Guess who? 

Posted by Hello

Sorry for posting here, but I was getting bored watching the same stuff on your blog, why haven't you been posting anything new?


Ashish said...

Thanks. Its a sweet pic.
The reason I havent posted anything is that nothing interesting has happened in my life for the past couple of days, except that 3 of my 9 fish died yesterday because someone forgot to switch on the water filter! :-@

the fourth dimension said...

You're very welcome. Correction time: it's not a sweet pic, it's just sweet of me to do your pic!

Golly! 3 down, 6 to go!

And anyway, they were cheap fish, how long did you expect them to live anyway! ;o)

the fourth dimension said...
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Ashish said...

How long? About 20 years, if taken care of. But my roomie forgot to switch on the water filter, and they chocked to death. :s